A simple system that works for all.

Instead of the traditional methods – lines of children in class or huddles of parents around sign-up sheets – parents visit our website and select their own appointment times. Teachers then check their schedule in advance and prepare for their meetings.

Simple for schools

We know that no two schools are the same, so our system is completely flexible to suit all your needs.

Does your school have classes which are shared by teachers, differing appointment time requirements, conferences spread over more than one day? All are catered for easily. Additionally, using the video meetings functionality means that teachers and parents are automatically moved to their next appointment according to the schedule. No more conference appointments over-running, or parents not getting to see the teachers they had booked!

Simple for admin staff

No more having to organize appointments, replies or chase parents and students using paper slips.

Set up the conference in minutes and parents can simply book their own choice of appointments online at their convenience. Classes, students, teachers and parents’ data all integrated from your school SIS means no spreadsheets to complete or upload!

Simple for teachers

Teachers can log in, see their appointment schedules, block out times or extend their availability easily.

The ‘notes’ feature allows them to add a note to the appointment to let parents know about any specific item they wish to discuss. Teachers no longer have to be in school – they can video meet parents whilst working from home, improving their wellbeing and their work-life balance!

Simple for parents

No extra software needed. Parents simply log on using their browser and choose the appointment times they want from the slots available.

Using the ‘Suggest appointments for me’ option allows them to book all their appointments in one easy go using our booking wizard! If they have a concern to discuss, parents can add that note to the booking so that the teacher is aware in advance and can prepare accordingly.

Simple for clubs & events

Run your school’s event and club booking online by adding the Event and Club Booking module to your Parents Booking subscription.

Ideal for student performances, clubs, meetings, assemblies or parent-teacher conferences where the parents all come at one time, the Event and Club Booking module allows parents to book/buy tickets to or places at school events or sign their children up to clubs. It’s even easier than making parent conference appointments.

  • allow parents to book events online
  • make bookings for parents or students
  • see who has booked and who hasn’t
  • limit attendance automatically
  • duplicate events quickly for faster setup of repeat events
  • manage cancellations easily
  • take payments online

The same simple system

Combining event and club booking with Parents Booking is easier for everyone. Parents only need one set of login details. Administrators can manage everything from one admin area.

The Event and club Booking module works just like the rest of Parents Booking. It’s as intuitive to set up, and as intuitive to make bookings with – it uses the same login and booking pages.

Simple for all

Importantly, schools can choose to have video meetings with parents instead of on-site meeting – absolutely essential during the current pandemic, but equally beneficial going forwards.

Teachers and parents can join the meeting from anywhere that they have internet access, on any device.

Split families can join meetings from different locations.

Working parents can join video meetings in their breaks.