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Technology to Improve Parental
Engagement and Attendance.

A transformative and trusted online booking system for more efficient, hassle-free parent-teacher conferences, wraparound care, clubs and events.

  • Organize much better, more effective parent-teacher conferences in minutes
  • Improve parent attendance, equity and engagement
  • Timed video meetings or face-to-face appointments
  • New: Schools can offer a ‘Hybrid’ of in-person and video meetings
  • Take bookings for wraparound care, events, clubs and trips in a few clicks 
  • Save hundreds of teaching and admin staff hours each year
  • Monitor and improve school performance indicators
  • Save money on overhead costs and boost your school’s green credentials

Organising school bookings has never looked this good.

Parent teacher conferences that are On schedule. On time. On-line.

Take the hassle out of parent teacher night forever! Our easy to use online booking system enables you to set up on-site or ‘virtual’ conferences, parent-teacher meetings, welcome meetings and more so that parents can book their own appointments quickly and easily.

Of course, there’s more to it than that – for example, features for creating reports, automatically chasing parents who haven’t booked, and communication tools which facilitate parents and teacher dialogues in advance of meetings are all part of the service.

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Plug and Play

We integrate with your favourite education technology products to make a simple, combined solution.