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Summer 2023 Software Updates

By 05/15/2023Software Updates

Hello and welcome to the Summer Software Update for Parents Booking 😊

New Features:

Wraparound Care: Our newest module – Wraparound Care – allows schools to take bookings for clubs which are likely to have a different attendance every day, perhaps because they’re either a breakfast club or after-school club that helps parents drop off or pick up students earlier/later than the school’s usual opening times.
For more information, read this blog post.
Because this module is brand new, feedback and feature requests are very welcome. Send those to us here.

Ask questions when parents book events/clubs: Schools can now ask Yes/No questions, and optionally collect text answers, when parents are booking Events and Clubs. Simply add these when you create or edit an event/club, so whether you need to know if a student needs a bus, or whether a parent has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of booking, or ask which allergies students have, this can be easily asked and parents will have to answer in order to book. All answers are provided as part of the List of Bookings in the admin area.

Export imported teacher/class data: Have you ever wanted to export a simple-to-read Excel spreadsheet of all the class lists Parents Booking has imported? Now you can. The helpful “Export to Excel” feature on the Teachers shows all the students ‘connected’ to teachers.

Send bulk-reminders to parents – per date: Previously, when you wanted to email all parents a reminder of their appointment, but your parents’ evening had multiple dates, you could not select to only send a specific day’s reminders. Now you can. Go into Dashboard > Options > Print, Email and View Teacher Schedules and click “Email Appointment Reminder to All Parents” and if your parents’ evening has multiple days you can send this for All, or tick the dates you want to send this for.

Post hyperlinks to external booking links/websites on the parents’ Parents Booking pages: Schools who want to list their external booking pages for events/clubs that are booked outside of Parents Booking can now do so by creating an event or club and ticking the box to make this an externally listed item. Just paste in the booking link and this will be shown to parents among your other events and clubs when they login.

Choose which term to replicate events/clubs in: When you replicate an event or club, we’ll now ask which term you want this in. That helps you copy events or clubs from last term much more easily.

Updated Guides: These are the latest versions of our PDF guides:

Want to know more? You can read our last development release blog post here.