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This is what gives us the edge.

Over 15 million meetings a year already feel the far-reaching benefits of our online booking system, which is integrated with your favourite EdTech products for a simpler solution.

Improve your parental attendance and connect with more parents using Parents Booking. Parents can select their own appointment times and teachers can check their schedule any time in advance to prepare for their meetings. Where meetings are set up to be timed video appointments, parents and teachers click one button to join a video room where they will have all their meetings. This is the future.

Simple for schools

We know that no two schools are the same, so Parents Bookings’ services are flexible to suit all your needs.

Does your school have classes which are shared by teachers, differing appointment time requirements, conferences spread over more than one day? All are catered for easily. Additionally, using the video and hybrid meetings functionality means that teachers and parents are automatically moved to their next appointment according to the schedule. No more conference appointments over-running, or parents not getting to see the teachers they had booked!

Simple for admin staff

No more having to organize appointments, replies or chase parents and students using paper slips.

Set up the conference in minutes and parents can simply book their own choice of appointments online at their convenience. Classes, students, teachers and parents’ data all integrated from your school SIS means no spreadsheets to complete or upload!

Simple for teachers

Teachers can log in, see their appointment schedules, block out times or extend their availability easily.

The ‘notes’ feature allows them to add a note to the appointment to let parents know about any specific item they wish to discuss. Teachers no longer have to be in school – they can video meet parents whilst working from home, improving their wellbeing and their work-life balance!

Simple for parents

No extra software needed. Parents simply log on using their browser and choose the appointment times they want from the slots available.

Using the ‘Suggest appointments for me’ option allows them to book all their appointments in one easy go using our booking wizard! If they have a concern to discuss, parents can add that note to the booking so that the teacher is aware in advance and can prepare accordingly.

Simple for clubs & events

Parents Booking gives you everything you need to run a club and organize trips and events as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Using Parents Booking, schools can offer parents the ability to book events, sports clubs, after-school clubs, breakfast clubs and wraparound childcare online. Let Parents Booking do all the hard work of taking sign-ups for these, saving your valuable time for other tasks; our Events and Clubs module is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • Allow parents to book events, clubs, wraparound and trips online.
  • Make bookings for parents or students where required.
  • Quickly track and remind parents who have not booked yet.
  • Limit attendance and booking numbers automatically.
  • Import your school’s database’s Custom Groups to set up events and clubs for specific groups more easily.
  • Duplicate events quickly for faster setup of repeat events.
  • Manage cancellations easily.
  • Take payments online through our PayPal, Stripe or ParentPay integrations.


Hybrid and One-to-One Meetings

Schools can choose to have video meetings with parents instead of or as well as on-site meeting. Where schools offer a mix of both options, they see the highest levels of attendance. We call this the “hybrid” approach, and it is the future.

One-to-One Meetings: Teachers also have a portal which allows them to set up their own ad-hoc, one-off or recurring meeting with selected parents. This is a game-changer for parent-teacher conversations.

Where a video meeting is booked, teachers and parents can join the meeting from anywhere that they have internet access, on any type of computer or smart device.

Parents and carers, or families who live apart can also easily join meetings from different locations, whether that be home, work or further afield.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of Parents Booking is that parents who previously could not attend the school because of later work shifts, or transport, or mobility, now can. Your school will be amazed by the increase in attendance.