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The Wraparound Care Solution You Need Is Here

By 03/02/2023April 11th, 2023Software Updates

Wraparound care is often a lot of work to organize. Parents Booking takes away all the pain, and makes managing bookings even simpler than you can imagine.

Simply create a breakfast or after-school club by choosing the dates and times parents can book – for example every Monday to Friday from January to April. Then block out any dates with are unavailable, and set a cost per booking. In minutes you can have invites sent to parents and later can easily see/download each date’s bookings.

Because the Wraparound Care features are built into Parents Booking’s Events and Clubs module, parents will be familiar with how to login to Parents Booking and make their bookings in the same modern, professional website that they’re familiar with from their parents’ evening use.

Ask us to show you the wraparound care features, and you’ll immediately marvel at how much time and work we’ll save you.