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Summer 2022 Software Update

By 08/29/2022November 29th, 2022Software Updates

Hello and welcome back!

We hope you had a really refreshing summer, and if possible that you found yourself sipping a piña colada on a beach somewhere!

While you were away, we were busy adding more features to help you make this the best year of parent teacher conferences yet.

Here’s a quick summary:

We are certain Hybrid parents’ evenings are the best way to achieve the highest attendance possible. Schools who pay for the video module can now set up Hybrid meetings. Just create a different block of time for each “session” and decide which are video sessions and which are in-person. The video to the right explains more about this great new functionality, and there’s a great guide here too.

Free trial of our basic Events and Clubs module through to 1st July 2023. This module usually costs an additional 25p per student, per year, but we wanted all schools (who don’t currently pay for the premium version of this module) to have the benefit of the basic Events and Clubs module, to help them set up events, clubs and their Christmas performances. Read more about how it works here:

Custom Groups: If your school sets up and uses ‘Custom Groups’ in its MIS database, you can import these using our Wonde integration (and we’ll add this functionality to other integrations soon).
More info on how to import and use Custom Groups here:

Parents can RSVP ‘no’ to invites and reminders. Parents will now receive a type of unsubscribe link in their invites and reminder emails which allow them to RSVP ‘no’ to the parent teacher conference. This helps make sure they are not reminded again unnecessarily, and will show the school data on why some parents have not booked. We will go on to expand this functionality to include comments and include in the evening stats in the next version/software update.

Teachers can now toggle between their schools. If a teacher works at multiple schools, they can now toggle between those schools without having to log out and back in, providing their accounts use the same email/login information.

Teacher First Name or Initial? Schools who import their data via Wonde can now choose whether to show the the teacher’s forename or initial to parents. This was important for some schools, who wanted to show an Initial rather than Forename. Change this by going to Set Up School > Preferences page.

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